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Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

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 Courtesy of Dr Ray Webber, Ashley Elaine  Photography, Paul King, Bardroff Family, and Mike Littlefield

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The Holidays at Cedar Lakes

Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens will be holding normal hours during the winter season, but we are CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Besides that, come see the gardens during a Florida winter and our holiday decorations!

December 1 - Janurary 1
Muriel Anderson Concert
2nd Annual Valentine's Day Benefit Concert

February 14th, 2018     6:30 PM

Muriel Anderson’s audio-visual show is a must-see as well as a must-hear! Her world-renowned guitar and harp guitar playing is highlighted by a backdrop of stunning visuals.

Enjoy listening to harmonious melodies with your loved ones among the 50 unique garden displays, cascading waterfalls, and incredible scenic views that Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens has to offer.

Tickets include garden entrance to Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens during the day leading up to the concert. We hope you are looking forward to a romantic evening at one of the most unique botanical gardens you'll ever see!

Ultimate Scale Truck Expo
Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens is hosting.....

The only scale RC event where you can learn in person from some of the best builders in the hobby. Also, meet your favorite vendors face to face while shopping for parts or seeing whats new. Drive one of 7 scale courses with over 1000 gates total or try your hand at our Rallye track.

For more info and tickets:
February 23 - 25, 2018